Photography is the art of showing others what we see. Come see through my eyes!



For more than a decade I have concentrated my attention on the studies of Asia and Asian languages. I left home at a young age in order to pursue my desire to study Chinese on the Northeast coast of China, Japanese in Japan, and diplomacy in Formosa (Taiwan). That decision to leave home at an early age had a downside; being constantly alone. Being alone in Asia is tough for many reasons, one of them is to never be able to share the paradisiac landscapes and the cultural shocks that one might see and live. To avoid this uneasy feeling, I bought myself a best friend, which followed me everywhere; a Canon 38 mm.  I began taking pictures of everything I wanted to share with the people I love and missed. I rapidly noticed that I was not taking the same kind of photos others wanted me to take. I had a weakness for weird angles and particular lighting, and I wanted my photographs to tell a story; my story. The pictures you will see in this blog are not only sceneries or people, they are the mirrors that will allow you to understand the way I saw things, and the way I felt when I took those frames.

China, Somewhere in Yunnan, At a certain point “Me” becomes “Us” January 2010.

China, Yunnan, Luoping, A young girl on her water buffalo surrounded by colza flowers, February 2010.

China, Yunnan, Jade Dragon mountain, Lady who walked 1500m to pick up wood, January 2010.